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The following represents a list of some software and social innovation projects initiated by Glen Brauer.

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Date: 1995-2007
Name: The Student Schedule Maker ('ScheduleMaker') by Impressive Software Solutions
Goals: To make it easier for students to create conflict-free timetables in order to accommodate various factors such as distance and work obligations.
Results: Sold product to various higher education institutions in Ontario.
  Helped thousands of students to customize their schedules.

The above is a promotional video for a modernized version of ScheduleMaker.
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Date   1998- present
Name   Eleware Knowledge Base System (
Goals   To make it easier to capture, edit, and view complex processes within an organization.
Results   Creation of the world's first 3D flowcharting workstation.
    Sold product to 19 Canadian colleges and universities colleges.
    Helped increase efficiency and information insurance.
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Date   2016-present
Name   Meaningful World (
Goals   Our mission is to promote social and technological innovations that raise the standard of living, fulfillment and engagement for people living in Vancouver as well as around the world.

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Date   2012 - present
Name   Meaningful Discussions (
Goals   Our ongoing mission is to explore the art and science of meaningful discussions and to initiate these discussions in cities around the world. This project will also allow for events to be promoted which will take place in community centres, seniors centres, libraries, and many more locations.
Results   We have collectively coordinated over 1,000 events in 11 countries with over 20,000 Meetup members.

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